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What if I have never done this before?

I have had many Clients think I only shoot models but that's far from the truth. I shoot EVERYDAY WOMEN that are stunning in their own right. An attractive photo isn't about a pretty subject, it's about posing, lighting and most importantly the expression in the eyes. I have experience setting all these things up and getting the best out of anyone in front of the camera. 


What if I am conscious of something like  cellulite, a scar or a break-out on my face, should I wait till I look better?

The great thing about my photography is I do all my own touching up. So if you want me to remove a blemish it's easy! I will remove them but still keep your character.

I was waiting to lose weight and go to the gym. Will I need to be slimmer to look good in the photos?

The thing about photography is it is an art. I will be able to make you look amazing by specific lighting and directing you from head to foot to show off your best features. Trust me, I've done this for quite some time! 


Do you provide the outfits or should I bring them?

I highly recommend that you bring at least 1 total outfit for your photo shoot because it will fit correctly. However, I do loan everything you need off  'The Rack'. It has a variety of lingerie, corsets, sexy dresses, high heels, gloves  and jewellery. 

Can I do my own makeup and just make do with my normal clothes?

I prefer using my own professional hair and makeup artist  to get the ideal look we are after. However, if you want a more natural bare-faced look, you can do your own makeup and we can improvise with the clothes you bring. It's not about what you're wearing, it's about how you wear it. I've had some great shoots with 'nude' faces and I love getting creative with clothing. Just have a chat with me about it and we can work it all out.


How far in advance should I book a shoot if it's for a gift?

I recommend doing your photo shoot min. 8 weeks before you plan giving it as a gift.I certainly can turn around a few albums quicker but its best to not rush things.

I'm not sure how many photos I want to order, can I decide after the shoot?

Yes of course. After your shoot I will provide a Dropbox link with your photos.This is when you decide which photos to include in your package as well as order albums, wall art etc. Alternatively I can choose the best ones for you!

If I want to be published in a magazine, how do we go about it?

I provide a special Magazine package called 'Cover Girl' which is great for Instagram publicity or if you want to promote yourself for media channels.This means we guarantee publication of particular people. Call me to discuss this if you're interested and we can get it done.

Will my photos be public?

We will not make any images public from your session that includes your whole face or any recognisable markings (tattoos, scars, birthmarks). I would love to show off your face, but will only do that with your permission.

What's your cancellation policy?

If you want to reschedule your shoot you must contact me 2 weeks before your shoot. The new booking date must be within a month of your original booking.

If you cancel your shoot less than 2 weeks before your shoot your deposit or booking fee is non-refundable. You then must make a brand new booking.

Please understand this policy covers me for hotel/studio fees/re-scheduling HMUA etc.


"Loved shooting with Analisa, there was a positive and creative energy about her that drew a part of me out"
-Miss Rachel C. LA.

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